What is 'Hamri Bahini.Net?

Hamribahini.net is a web-enabled database of employable and skilled women, run by young female volunteers. It is a part of HamriBahini -The Green Angles Social Enterprise. As a Social Enterprise it has taken a business approach to solving the problem of mass migration/trafficking/exploitation of young and vulnerable girls out of Nepal.

What is the criteria for hiring a maid?

For hiring the maid the employer should either make visit to the office or can make a call or can even directly sign up the online form in our website.

Are Didis available for 24 hours?

Only few didis are available for working and staying at work place.

What are the benefits of registering in the 'HB.Net portal as an employer?

You can get employee as per your necessity,also we do keep you updated about the training session that we organize time and again.The employee which you have selected can come and get more trained.

How can the employer contact Bahini?

Potential employers cannot directly contact didis. when employer fill the online form with their contact details our volunteers get back to them within 24 hrs and give the information of availability of Bahinis.

Why should I give my personal information?

You should provide some basic information mainly to confirm your identity as a genuine user of this portal. The information is sought to allow access to only genuine users and to reduce the hassle to all using the service of this portal. The information sought during the sign up process as an employer is secure and will not be revealed or provided to others for any other purpose.

I want to volunteer for the 'HamriBahini.Net'. How can I help?

Volunteer, you can help us in spreading information about the HamriBahini.Net, or help Bahinis register themselves in the portal. You can also help us in distributing our flyers and making us reach more Bahinis from your own neighborhood.